Here you can pay for grades, services, texts or term payments, all from the comfort of your computer chair. 

NB : Grades : once paid for, the form relating to your grade shall be sent. 3 - 4 weeks before your grade, you will find out when and where it shall be held. thank you. exams for classical grading will occur during late April - Mid July. 


Theory Book

$ 23 AUD

complete theory notebook, beginner - intermediate. perfect for theory for beginners all the way up to HSC music.

AMEB CPM Guitar grades : Step 1 and 2

$ 111 AUD

the money DOES NOT go to me - it goes to AMEB for grading fees. 

AMEB classical grade 1 or 2

$ 72 AUD

the money DOES NOT go to me - I use it to pay your AMEB grading fees.


Term Payment Option 1

$ 256 AUD

The term payment as due on your invoice

(approx 2.5% extra)

Term Payment Option 2

$ 308 AUD

Term payments as due on your invoice.

(approx 2.5% extra)

Term Payment option 3

$ 360 AUD

Term payment as due on your invoice

(approx 2.5% extra)

Reduced Term Payment Option 1

$ 203 AUD

Made for term 2. 2011. 


re-string and clean guitar

$ 30 AUD

will be done before/after/during lesson - needs to be organised with me. Price includes the strings.


(if you would like to purchase strings for your guitar, $15 RRP $20)

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